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Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Many will tell you what bourbon is supposed to taste like. Some won’t care.

In the late 18th century, Basil Hayden left Maryland for Kentucky, bringing with him his family and distilling skill. Oblivious or indifferent to tradition, Basil took the ingredients he had and made a whiskey he liked. The result was heavy with rye but light in character. The purists were miffed, but his friends were ecstatic.

Basil Hayden’s Small Batch Bourbon doesn’t punch you in the mouth. It doesn’t look to dominate you. It just wants to be friendly. Many spirits enthusiasts who have been turned off by heavy-handed whiskeys enjoy the airy nose, delicate notes and gentle bite of this one.

It deserves a place on your shelf next to whiskeys of other nations and bigger bourbons. You need a spectrum of spirits and Basil Hayden’s fits comfortably on the softer end. Bring a glass to your nose and you’ll whiff pepper, figs and honeysuckle. The flavor is of leather, toasted pear and brown sugar. The finish is light and warm with a hint of honey.

As a light-bodied whiskey, Basil Hayden’s is accessible by itself, with a little ice or perhaps a splash of water to wake it up. In a cocktail, don’t be aggressive. Consider club soda and rocks. Maybe shake it with a little fresh mint.

The final word should be Basil Hayden’s Last Stand Cocktail. Add a quarter ounce of absinthe to a shot of bourbon in a pint glass filled with ice. Add four dashes of bitters and club soda, then stir. Garnish with a wedge of lemon.

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