Alcohol Delivered to Your Door in 1 Hour or Less

Any alcohol listed on this site is sold from participating retailers with a license to sell alcoholic beverages. Orderit does not own or take possession of any alcohol at any time. The individual retailer reserves the right to refuse any order. Under penalty of law, I certify that I am 21 or older, am legally able to purchase and/or consume alcoholic beverages where I live and that any alcohol I am purchasing is for personal use only. In the event of large orders, a customer service representative is allowed to contact me at the number I have provided to determine how best to fulfill the order. Once the retailer accepts and processes the order, the sale is complete and ownership passes to me as long as the personal information I have provided is legal and accurate and that I am not under the age of 21. I authorize an employee/agent of Orderit’s sister company “Gopher Services” to pick up my purchase and bring it to the address provided. The retailer however is allowed to bring it to me by any means that suits them best. I understand that I must be present to verify my identity through a signature and a valid ID. I further understand that any attempt to violate the system, use it to provide alcohol to minors or use this system in any way that is deemed to be illegal will result in my order being denied, a $20 return fee being applied and that I may be reported to the proper authorities and banned from using Orderit’s services in the future.  My purchase can still be denied and refunded if I am visibly intoxicated. This system is a simple order-and-receive errand system requested by legal aged consumers.  In the case that I am not at the address provided to accept my property, the property may be returned for a refund and a $20 return service fee may be charged.  Someone may make an attempt to contact you but this is not guaranteed. Please use our order tracker to stay updated on the status of the order.

*disclaimer* delivery in an hour is not a guarantee. Every effort will be made to get your purchase to you as fast as possible. During times of heavy volume and inclement weather orders may take longer to reach you. Please see our order tracker for your updated information. The final total of your order does not reflect gratuity to the delivery driver.
I certify that I am over the age of 21 and I understand and agree to the terms and agreements of this service.

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